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Aquatic Therapy – NOW AVAILABLE

Here at Fairfax Family Physical Therapy, PC we remain committed to getting RESULTS.

To help our patients get better Results Faster we have decided to expand our space and install a Hydroworx 500 pool! The pool will be kept warm (94 degrees!) to accommodate all types of patients. The pool has a state of the art underwater treadmill built into the floor of the pool along with variable speed jets to increase the challenge and resistance of working out in the pool.

Aquatic therapy is a great tool for the athlete to maintain their condition level while recovering from injury. The weightlessness of the water lets post surgical and chronic pain patients exercise while minimizing stress on the joints and healing tissues due to the ability to unweight the body up to 80%. According to research at Texas A&M the added benefit of exercising on the treadmill in the pool is burning more calories per minute than on land (at 4MPH or above) while building lean muscle mass.

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